What a Man Wants in a Woman’s Sexuality

What a Man Wants in a Woman’s Sexuality

To know what a man wants is almost as complicated as what a woman wants. The only difference is men are simple natured, and women are not. So, when a man’s needs or wants become complicated we get confused. How could someone simplistic decide to be complex?

It is easy, a man wants his cake and to eat it too. This applies to many aspects of a man. They want a family without a burden; they want a wife that is good in bed without ever having a man ever touch her. What a man sees fit for a night, he does not see fit for life. When a man is dating a woman, the fact that she has been with other men is a turn on. That means she is experienced, and what way to become good at sex, than to have it? Some of the turn on is the ability to be able to have sex with her. Now take the same woman and the same man, put them into a marriage. The man now gets disgusted at the thought that someone else has touched his wife, even though he knows she had a life before him, it is almost like an affair. I believe it is a possessive nature, a dominance type trait that a man has. A woman in bed is nothing to him, but «fun» and exciting, even his wife at times. Men don’t generally make love like women. I may have offended numerous women, but how many times have you wondered, «After amazing sex, how could he not call me back»? A man does not get the same connection physically that a women does. There is actually a chemical in sperm that will cause a physical lure from a woman to a man, but unfortunately it does not create the same in a man.

I think a man having sex with virgin can be quite intimidating. She knows nothing, but probably has huge expectations. If you remember back to your first time, most of us couldn’t understand what the big deal about sex was. Why did people make such a big deal about it? It comes with practice, just like anything else in life, if you are too focused on the experience, and not relaxing to enjoy it. I don’t believe a man would give any respect to a woman who will have sex with him on the first date. I also believe a man does not respect a woman who has had numerous sexual partners. I believe a man has an understanding that a woman has had important people in her life before him. If she chose to have sex with someone of some meaning in her life, it was a choice she made before knowing him. However, if she chose to have sex with anyone, what kind of self-respect does that woman hold? Does she have enough self-control and respect for him not to have an affair? Men are very insecure creatures that need admiration. How can you admire him when you have also admired 100 other men?

If a woman has an important relationship with a man, there are ways to keep his attention instead of just denying sex, or just giving it to him. You can make the beginning of a relationship fun and exciting. The not knowing is some of the fun. No one says you cannot touch each other, but if you let him want you and build up some anticipation, the outcome can be satisfying. Once you have had sex, there isn’t much more to long for, other than more sex or different sex. So, from a man’s view, why not move on, and see what else is out there. There is something to be said for the thrill of the chase. If you just hand someone a million dollars, it doesn’t have the same value as earning it. I believe there is some truth to the old saying, «A lady in public and a whore in the bedroom», but you definitely cannot confuse the two.

There are a lot of women out there who think if they can get a man to have sex with them, that they will love them. I think unfortunately, this is also the message that is being portrayed to our youth. If women as a gender cannot pass ethics and morals to our daughters, we are creating a generation who knows no boundaries. We are opening up the doors for a flood of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Teach your daughters to respect themselves, and men will follow suit. A strong and confident woman is much more attractive than one that is easy and promiscuous.




What a Man Wants in a Woman’s Sexuality

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