Ready To Mingle But Still Single

Ready To Mingle But Still Single

At some point of time we all wish to be a part of a relationship and explore the feeling of being with that special someone. Most often, the thought of others having a boyfriend may trouble you, as you feel you are nothing less than them, but still do not have a suitable partner. There are few people who desperately want to be in a relationship, but simply fail to find the right person. The reason could be your attitude. I have seen quite a few people who are narrow-minded, and are simply not interested to remain in a relationship, when the truth is that they are actually interested. You do not realize, but your body language and attitude may present a different impression, even though you may want to stay single.

There are people who simply worship work. When they are asked for a date they come up with reasons like being busy or caught up with something important to do. However, the fact is that they want to accept the offer, but their subconscious mind holds them back. The reasons for this could be many. For example, some people get too conscious about the way they look. They give too much importance to thoughts like whether they can impress the person, or will he/she be interested in listening to what I have to say and so on. Instead of these thoughts troubling you, it is best to bury them and get going to explore this new person. Your low confidence can harm you, when you say, “I am Not Interested”. And this could be the reason that makes you remain single.

When you have liked someone, it is fine to let him/her know. Holding back your feelings will not work. Be prepared to either hear a “yes” or “no”. If you are genuine in looking out for a date, you need to take the step first. You can join dating sites and look out for a perfect match. However, when you become a part of these sites, remember one thing, it is almost next to impossible to meet the right person on the first date itself. You should analyze a person before making a decision to establish a relationship. Experiencing some bad dates does not mean that you get back to your boring old days.

If you want to mingle with the right person, you need to have an open mind. Do not have too many expectations that you would find it hard to be in a relationship. Have a realistic approach when you’re looking out for a perfect date. There are a few girls who look out for a man who can fulfill their desires and wishes. They need a partner only for their needs and to bury the boredom of being single. Having a selfish attitude like this will hardy help. At first you may succeed in getting your way, however, as they learn about your motives they will simply turn away from you, no matter how beautiful you are.

Be clear with yourself, when you are looking out for a soul mate. Search your heart deep within and determine what kind of a person you would want to relate to in your life. Don’t expect too much and have a practical approach. Take care of your attitude every time you meet a person of the opposite sex, as this may increase your chances of finding the perfect date and soul mate.




Ready To Mingle But Still Single

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