Long Distance Relationships: Going the Distance

Long Distance Relationships: Going the Distance
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The world of dating is complicated enough without adding hundreds or thousands of miles between you and your partner. But when love is in the equation, thousands of UK couples maintain an intimate long distance relationship nevertheless.

If over 40 online dating has introduced you to your perfect partner but you live towns, counties or even countries apart don’t despair; long distance relationships may be a challenge but you can make it a success! Keep the romance alive in your LDR by following these simple steps;

Communication is key!

Because you are missing out on face-to-face interaction you must keep in touch daily and there is no better time to take advantage of the technology we have; telephone, text, video call, skype, email, IMs and so much more! Whatever form of communication suits you both best, make the time each day to catch up and let each other know how much you both care. When you lack the physical side of the relationship, it’s important to reassure your partner that they are loved so don’t forget about traditionally romantic gestures such as a handwritten letter and a small present in the post to really make their day!

Speak the truth; not what you think your partner wants to hear.

In a long distance relationship this can be difficult though. When you have little time to talk with your loved one you typically don’t want to burden them with your worries, woes or issues however it is critical that long distance couples are honest with each other to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s also strongly advised to save serious conversations for phone calls or video chats only as it is too easy to misunderstand or misjudge a text, email or letter especially if the issue involves both of you. Dealing with a small matter sooner is better than leaving it until later whereby it could become a fatal deal-breaker.

Trust is a must.

If you or your partner are prone to jealousy; maybe you should rethink being in a long distance relationship. Being in a LDR requires you to be laid back and not jump to conclusions if he/she misses a skype date, doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t reply to an email or doesn’t respond to a text. If there’s no trust in a LDR, there is no relationship.

Plan ahead.

It’s best to discuss future living arrangements as an indefinite LDR can take its toll on a couple. Furthermore, always have the next visit planned so you that you both know when you will be together again and not left hanging in love limbo.

Be realistic.

LDR can have the negative effect of a long lasting Honeymoon stage which may be lovely and special, but you are neglecting moving past the initial happiness which makes it difficult to realise your compatibility together in the real world. Try to incorporate reality in to your visits by seeing how you get along under the typical stresses of day to day life; go to the supermarket, clean the house, experience normality together!

A long distance relationship is hard work when you are over 40 and dating so you must trust and commit to your partner to ensure that you have a solid foundation to build your partnership on ready for when you can finally be together.




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Long Distance Relationships: Going the Distance

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