Men – How To Write a Great Online Dating Profile

Men – How To Write a Great Online Dating Profile

Let’s face it men, when it comes to talking about ourselves you don’t usually have many problems. So how come it takes to long to write an online dating profile?

The difficulty often lies in knowing where to start. With so much going on in your life how do you decide what the ladies need to know about now and what you want to leave for conversation on that all-important first date?


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so choose your photos wisely – you don’t want the ladies to think of the wrong thousand words!

There’s no need for topless poser pictures, nor are women that bothered about what car you drive. The most important thing is to give a sense of your personality and lifestyle with the images you display.

If you’re a sporty type then show yourself in action. If motorbikes are your thing then by all means let them see how you look in leathers.

One or two posed shots are acceptable, but the rest of your images should show you in your natural environment, so to speak. Even embarrassing pics from a night out are a good idea – they demonstrate your fun side and show that you’re not afraid to have a laugh, even if it is at your own expense.

Do include pics of your pets, but steer clear of using ones with your kids/nieces and nephews.


Don’t think of your online dating profile like an essay or self-appraisal; consider it a one-way conversation where you get to tell someone about all your best bits. Imagine you’re down the pub or at a concert and happen to get talking to a gorgeous woman – what would be the first things you would want to tell her about yourself? Start there!

Avoid simply writing lists or saying things like “I like reading, playing guitar and eating Chinese food”. Give some examples – like the last show you went to or a new song you have learnt to play. This gives potential dates the chance to ask questions.

Avoid text speak or ridiculous abbreviations – they do not give a good impression. Spell check your profile before publishing. Or have a friend read through it – they might think of an important character trait that you have forgotten to mention.

Be honest, but not too open at this stage – you want to leave something to the imagination. This doesn’t mean telling outrageous lies, but it does mean you don’t have to tell them absolutely everything about yourself in a few hundred words.

Your profile is your chance to show off a bit and persuade ladies to get in touch, so don’t be too worried if it all sounds a bit self-indulgent. So long as you come across as a well-rounded individual, with varying interests and not too many flaws you should be OK!




Men – How To Write a Great Online Dating Profile

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